Three Creeks Baptist Church

Mission Trip August 26- September 10, 1996

Curralinho, Pará, Brasil


From Three Creeks: Preston Hammett, Don Hamaker, Steve McKinnon, Tim New, Ed Pierce, Pastor Lowell Snow, Matthew Snow, Dolas Ware

Missionaries: Johnny and Barbara Burnette, only Johnny went to Curralinha with us though. Local Pastor was Pastor Amado

I took I think 4 cameras on this trip, 2 point and shoot 35mm and my Minolta 700 SLR 35mm, a Polaroid Captiva plus my Sony Handycam videocamera. Many of the photos taken were by the local brasilians using one of my point and shoot cameras.

Photo Albums

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Book 1

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

Album 4

Album 5

Album 6

Album 7

Album 8

Album 9

Book 2

Album 10

Album 11

Album 12  Black and White Photos

Album 13  Leaving Curralinho enroute to Oeiras and then Mocajuba

Album 14  Mocajuba

Album 15  Photos by Steve McKinnon and Ed Pierce (I think. Someone let me make copies) (46 Photos)

Album 16  Back to Belém, and then Miami (only 18 photos)

Church Album Photos -- Probably taken by Pastor Lowell Snow

Album 1 -- Belém and trip to Curralinho, photos in Curralinho

Album 2 -- These are not in chronological order -- includes Curralinho, Oeiras do Pará and Mocajuba