Three Creeks Baptist Church

Mission Trip August 21-30, 1992

Quixeramobim, Ceará, Brasil


From Three Creeks: David Aubrey, Joe Cates, Preston Hammett, Steve and Regina McKinnon, Tim New, Buster Norris, Xon Post, Pastor Lowell and Peggy Snow, Meredith Snow, Dolas Ware

Missionaries: Rob and Phyllis Hefner, Randy and Sherry Pegues, Gerald and Verla Goldstein

Photo Albums

Each Album should open in a new window. I am currently missing a couple of photos of Samara -- the 6 yr old with the parakeet. I sent her my originals and haven't located that particular negative.

Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

Album 4

Album 5

Album 6

Album 7

Album 8

Album 9

Album 10 not yet scanned

Postcards of Fortaleza

Photos scanned from Three Creeks Baptist Church's Photo album

Slides Scanned: -- Not taken by me; From Three Creeks Church

Album 1