Three Creeks Baptist Church

Mission Trips to Brasil

Beginning in 1984, people from Three Creeks Baptist Church in Three Creeks, Arkansas began to make mission trips to Brasil. Following are the year and locations of such trips with links to index pages for those trips. I am scanning slides and photos and adding albums as time permits.

Pindoretma (2000) is the only trip on which I took photos that is not more or less complete. I took mostly slides at Pindoretama, and I need need a new slide scanner.  2001 was a trip we didn't make, so I only have a few pics received from Rob Hefner.  I have found Photos and Slides at our church taken by others.  The photos have been scanned and added.  I have slides from 1988 to 2001 to add.


Brasil Trips:

1984    São Luis   Reed Lewis went to assist in the construction of dormatories at the Seminary there.

1986    Redenção -- I have a few slides to scan

1988    Maraba -- I have some slides to scan

1990    Mocajuba -- I have many slides to scan

1992   Quixeramobim, Cearà    My first trip August 21-August 30

1994    Tiangua, Cearà   August 27 to September 12

1996    Curralinho, Parà August 26-September 10   (on the Ilha de Murajo on the Amazon)

1998    Morada Nova, Cearà September 8 - September 18

1999    Ipaporanga, Cearà August 10 - August 24

2000    Pindoretama, Cearà July 30 - August 12

2001    Timbauba, Cearà -- Funded Construction but we did not make the trip.

2002    Curuà, Parà August 10 - August 25

2003    Boim, Parà

2004    Santa Cruz, Parà

2005   Santa Isabel do Rio Negro -- September 9-24


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